terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

Rules to be my son (and date girls)

inspirada nisto
saiu-me isto

1- Get a job (“quem não tem dinheiro não tem vícios” like your grandad says!)
2- Understand that I love you but there are limits. Being cute will not ease your way out of things!
3- I’m everywhere and I know everythi
ng (and I’ve done everything!!)
4- You hurt any girl, you are screwed!
5- Never let the girl go home alone (if you stay there, call or text me!)
6- I’m your mom not your lawyer (don’t make me get one!)
7- If you lie to me or her, we will find out, we always do!
8- If she’s a princess let her go and get yourself a real girl. Don’t be anyone’s punch bag!
9- If you get into fights, heal your own wounds! Don’t drive drunk, EVER, alone or with company!
10- Whatever you do to her, remember, someone else will do to you!

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