quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012

La vita mia

Uma Russa, inspirada por um Midnight in Paris que sonhava viver nos Anos 50 Americanos
eu, portuguesa que pouca vezes confere graça ao que veste, aqui de queixo caído :)

já a tinha publicado aqui, em Roma :)
mas hoje até me dei ao trabalho de traduzir porque de Russo....só sei Vodka! :)

Photo girl

Have you seen the film Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris"? The main character was feeling uncomfortable in the XXI century and dreamed of living in the past. While morale film - something like "can not run away from yourself," I too know the feeling.
Recently I watched a wonderful movie "Walk the Line" about the legendary singer Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter. While watching someone in the head spinning words to the effect that "rockabilly - a subculture in which men like men and women - for women." And now and then I caught myself thinking that America was the 50s - this is probably the place and time in which I would like to visit. I do not know, there would have been my desire to stay there, but to be there at the time it would be great.
And you would use as a sudden you had given a time machine? :) Been to the past? What era and why? Or conversely, would like to look into the future?

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